Alternate Title: Army of the Idiots

Run Time: 2h 28min

Plot: American citizens dearly pay for yet another disaster caused by their government and military. And their corporations try to make quick money out of the situation by exploiting the poor and the minorities.

Tl;dr Review: I’ve seen my share…

Alternate Title: My Dysfunctional Family (We got powers though!)

Run Time: 8 episodes, roughly 7 hours

Plot: Knock off justice league with severely mentally ill superheroes goes on unwarranted public property destruction in the name of justice and freedom.

Tl;dr Review: As bad as the casting and the costumes looks.

Alternate Title: How Bonnie and Clyde Died

Run Time: 2h 13min

Plot: Two old and poor men, who were chewed up by the American political system, go on a hunt to kill Bonnie and Clyde, who were chewed up by the American justice system.

Tl;dr Review: It’s a slow burner…

Alternate Title: Dead Spider

Run Time: 2h 08min

Plot: The story about how the Russian government steals orphaned kids and sterilizes them to make emotionally unstable serial stabbers.

Tl;dr Review: It’s a Marvel movie. No matter what I say, you’re gonna watch it anyway……

When to Watch: Watch it in…

Alternate Title: Misleading Title

Run Time: 2h 13min

Plot: It’s a collection of 6 fascinating short stories from the wild west era of America.

Tl;dr Review: It’s going to capture your attention from the very beginning, making you want to see what’s going to happen next.

When to Watch: It’s…

Alternate Title: Princess Peach and Mario!

Run Time: 1h 52min

Plot: A homesick girl can’t decide whether to stay in the US or to go back to her home.

Tl;dr Review: It’s a nice little watch. The story is simple and yet it can keep you interested.

When to Watch…

Alternate Title: Michael Bay’s Wet Dream

Run Time: 1h 40min

Plot: Mila Jovovich got tired of fighting zombies, so she decided to fight some big-a** monsters!

Tl;dr Review: The movie knows you wanna see monster fights, and it delivers it quite well, to my surprise to be honest! …

Alternate Title: The Mandalorian: Wild West

Run Time: 2h

Plot: An old man who goes from town to town reading newspapers to the people as a profession, finds a young girl, lost in the forest. …

Alternate Title: Love Actually Part 2

Run Time: 2h 30min

Plot: A touching story about a girl finding her long lost love one day! But fate decides to play a cruel game with the star crossed lovers. Can she hold on to him this time? Will the universe allow the…

Alternate Title: An Effective Government Employee(!)

Run Time: 1h 38min

Plot: A young postman needs to prove to his father that he can do his job. Otherwise he’d be disinherited. So, obviously he goes on to invent the beloved Christmas tradition — giving gifts.

Tl;dr Review: Not just one of…

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