Jupiter’s Legacy Review

Alternate Title: My Dysfunctional Family (We got powers though!)

Run Time: 8 episodes, roughly 7 hours

Plot: Knock off justice league with severely mentally ill superheroes goes on unwarranted public property destruction in the name of justice and freedom.

Tl;dr Review: As bad as the casting and the costumes looks.

When to Watch: Preferably never.

With Whom to Watch: Alone. Don’t annoy other people.

Full Review: Remember the old superhero movies from the 80’s, 90’s, and early 00's? Well this is that just in a series format. I had some time during the weekend and was looking for something to watch. I wanted to drop it after episode 03. But I kept watching as I wanted to review it. And reviewing it without watching a good portion of it just felt wrong. But I SO WISH I DROPPED IT AFTER EPISODE 04. But I watched the whole thing. After episode 05 or 06 I was like — I’m too deep into the sh*t, might as well wade it through. Naïve me….

Ok, so what’s good about the show? It had a somewhat passable superhero origin story. That’s it.

What’s bad about the show? Let’s start with casting. Marvel started the trend of casting relatively lesser known starts into their movies and letting them shine on the big screen. Amazon did the same with “The Boys” and the showrunners here definitely tried the same thing as “The Boys” but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so poorly cast! No one, and I mean NO ONE sold me their roles. Not even the big casts like Josh Duhamel, or Leslie Bibb! At best it was “sigh worthy” and at worst it was “cringing”. None of them even looked like superheroes! I understand beefcakes aren’t something to behold, but at least try to sell me that you’re a superhero and not my neighbor in a spandex suit!

That leads to direction and storytelling. How can you make such a bad superhero story when you’re literally living in the golden age of live action superheroes!? The story was non-existent with multiple plotlines in different timelines happening at the same time. Think “The Witcher” but 100X worse. There were present stories and past stories, and I believe if the past stories didn’t exist, I’d have left the show after episode 2. As for the characters, I didn’t or couldn’t connect with a single superhero because none of them had any goal/motivation! It just felt like a story about a dysfunctional family with emo kids, all of whom happen to have powers. That’s it.

And don’t get me started with the camera work. It was SO bad! It felt like no one was even trying. Same with editing, never seen such lackluster editing in a superhero stuff as this! Costumes? What’s that!? Who even cares about superhero suits anyway….. Just slap together whatever fabrics you have lying around and make stuff up. It’s all make believe anyway! I couldn’t even tell apart the superheroes most of the times as all of them wore such bland and overlapping colors 😂

So, the final question is — should you watch it? NO.
Are you missing out on something if you don’t watch it? NO.

Final Score: Clean your washroom instead/10